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30 Results
Everybody needs a rock —Baylor, Byrd.

Describes the qualities to consider in selecting the perfect rock for play and pleasure.

I'm in charge of celebrations —Baylor, Byrd.

A dweller in the desert celebrates a triple rainbow, a chance encounter with a coyote, and other wonders of the wilderness.

我的蘋果樹 Wo de ping guo shu —Parnall, Peter.

Describes the many ways an apple tree interacts with insects, birds, and other animals during a full year of its development.

The table where rich people sit —Baylor, Byrd.

A girl discovers that her impoverished family is rich in things that matter in life, especially being outdoors and experiencing nature.

Annie and the Old One —Miles, Miska.

A Navajo girl unravels a day's weaving on a rug whose completion, she believes, will mean the death of her grandmother.

The other way to listen —Baylor, Byrd.

After hoping and trying, the narrator is finally able to hear the hills singing.

Winter barn —Parnall, Peter.

A dilapidated old barn shelters a wide variety of animals, including snakes, porcupines, cats, and a skunk, during the sub-zero winter temperature of Maine, while they wait for the first signs of spring.

Apple tree —Parnall, Peter, author.

Describes the many ways an apple tree interacts with insects, birds, and other animals during a full year of its development.

The way to start a day —Baylor, Byrd.

Text and illustrations describe how people all over the world celebrate the sunrise.

Kävik the wolf dog —Morey, Walt, 1907-

A wolf-dog instinctively travels 2000 miles from Washington to Alaska to return to the boy who once saved his life.

Feet! —Parnall, Peter.

Looks at a variety of animal feet, from big feet and fast feet to cool feet and webbed feet.

Hawk, I'm your brother —Baylor, Byrd.

Determined to learn to fly, Rudy adopts a hawk hoping that their kinship will bring him closer to his goal.

The desert is theirs —Baylor, Byrd.

Simple text and illustrations describe the characteristics of the desert and its plant, animal, and human life.

Marsh cat —Parnall, Peter.

A huge, wild cat faces new dangers when he moves from his marshland home to a barn during the winter months.

Woodpile —Parnall, Peter.

Depicts the various creatures that make a cozy home in the author's old pile of wood.

Twist, wiggle, and squirm : a book about earthworms —Pringle, Laurence P.

Describes the physical characteristics, behavior, and reproduction of a few of the world's 2,700 kinds of earthworms.

Between cattails —Williams, Terry Tempest.

A simple introduction to the plant and animal life that flourishes in a marsh.

The rock —Parnall, Peter.

Over the years a rock provides homes, shelter, food, and a place to sit for visiting animals and people.

The fire bringer : a Paiute Indian legend —Hodges, Margaret, 1911-2005.

Retells the Paiute legend of the way the Coyote helped an Indian boy bring fire to his tribe.

Your own best secret place —Baylor, Byrd.

Considers the pleasures to be found in one's very own private place, whether it be a hollow in a tree, a sandy gully, or a secret sand dune.

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