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Did you mean? Knobkerrie Robert
Fall is for school —Neubecker, Robert, author, illustrator.

"Two seasonally-opposed siblings face the end of summer with both joy and dread. But as Sister shares her enthusiasm for fall, school, and everything they encompass, Brother's own excitement grows in this celebratory pic...

On the go awesome —Detlefsen, Lisl H., author.

Watching or riding in a variety of vehicles is exciting, but operating each machine is awesome.

Winter is for snow —Neubecker, Robert.

"A brother and sister help each other learn to appreciate the joys of winter"-- Provided by publisher.

Winter is for snow —Neubecker, Robert, author.

"A brother and sister help each other learn to appreciate the joys of winter"-- Provided by publisher.

I got two dogs —Lithgow, John, 1945- author, singer.
Book + CD
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A song celebrating two dogs that are as different as they could be, and both well-loved by their owner.

Monsters on machines —Lund, Deb, author.

Meet Stinky Stubb, Dirty Dugg, Gorbert, and Melvina, the craftiest crew of monsters ever to build a house. With hard hats and heavy machinery, these feisty fellas dig, dump, hammer, nail, and after a surprise lunch of Ma...

Space boy and his dog —Regan, Dian Curtis, author.

Niko may live on boring old Earth with his family, but he's always finding a new adventure. Using the spaceship that he built from a box in his backyard and a little imagination, he flies off into space with his robot Ra...

Time (out) for monsters! —Reidy, Jean.

A little boy turns his "time out" into an adventure.

Days of the knights —Neubecker, Robert.

Red the Time Dragon transports Joe and Lilly to England, around 1200 A.D., to teach them about life in the Middle Ages.

Wow! Ocean! —Neubecker, Robert.

When Izzy and her sister Jo travel from the mountains to the ocean they find a wealth of things to be excited about.

The problem with not being scared of monsters —Richards, Dan, 1966-

Who knew there was a problem with not being scared of monsters? The hero of this story knows it--all too well. Because he's not scared, the monsters think he's one of them. And now, they're way too friendly. They want to...

Just like Rube Goldberg : the incredible true story of the man behind the machines —Aronson, Sarah, author.

Rube Goldberg was a real cartoonist who got really, really famous by inventing a whole lot of crazy, brilliant, impractical, funny stuff. None of which ever got made. Does that make any sense? It will after you read th...

I won a what? —Vernick, Audrey, author.

A young boy tries to win a goldfish at the carnival and ends up with a far bigger prize.

Shiver me timbers : pirate poems & paintings —Florian, Douglas.

An illustrated collection of poems for children about pirates.

Little Smokey —Neubecker, Robert, author, illustrator.

A small firefighting airplane saves the day from disaster using her courage and a little help from her friends.

What little boys are made of —Neubecker, Robert.

Reprises an old rhyme while chronicling the busy day of an imaginative and active little boy.

Sophie Peterman tells the truth! —Weeks, Sarah.

A disgruntled big sister reveals unpleasant facts about babies.

Tick tock clock : a phonics reader —Cuyler, Margery.

As the hours tick by from nine in the morning to seven at night, two rambunctious twins create mayhem.

All hands on deck! : a deadly hurricane, a daring rescue, and the origin of the Cajun Navy —Neubecker, Robert, author.

When a terrible storm hits the Gulf Coast, Bubba the bass boat, Bennie the airboat, and Sal the speedboat are called upon to help rescue people and animals. Inspired by the true story of rescues during Hurricane Katrina ...

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