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26 Results
Beneath the blocks —Morgan, Winter, author.

After solving the mystery of the stolen treasure, Edison is all set to return to his alchemy, when his friend Omar shows up at his door pleading for help. There is something or someone living beneath the blocks of Omar's...

Escape from the Nether —Morgan, Winter, author.

While gathering crafting ingredients in the Nether, Brett and his friends end up in another time period to help a stranger get home.

Trapped in the Overworld —Morgan, Winter, author.

"Three friends are sucked into Minecraft and now must learn how to survive in a virtual world!"-- Provided by publisher.

Mystery on Mushroom Island —Morgan, Winter, author.

"Edison and Billy finally have a chance for a vacation, joining Amira to celebrate her birthday on peaceful Mushroom Island. But before celebrations can get underway, Mushroom Island is rocked by a mysterious explosion. ...

The skeleton secret —Morgan, Winter, author.

Can Edison find the secret of the skeleton spawner and save his town?

Attack of the Ender Dragon —Morgan, Winter, author.

All Lily, Simon, and Michael have wanted since they were sucked into their Minecraft games is to return to the real world. They've battled armies of griefers and terrifying monsters, made new allies, and had their friend...

The mystery of the griefer's mark : a Minecraft gamer's adventure —Morgan, Winter, author.

Steve is back and ready for more adventures! But this time the excitement lands closer to home. While walking home from the village, Steve is surprised to hear a loud BOOM! When he arrives, he finds his wheat farm destro...

Trapped in the temple —Morgan, Winter, author.

"The stakes are higher than ever for Edison and Billy in the fifth Minecraft Mystery. As Edison and Billy's fame grows, they find themselves sought out by young Princess Hannah. Her pet ocelot is trapped in a luxurious d...

The case of the creepers —Morgan, Winter, author.

Edison and Billy search for the missing Creepers in the fourth Unofficial Minecraft Mystery!

An explorer's guide to the Nether —Morgan, Winter, author.

"Treasure hunters Harriet, Jack, and Toby find a second lost journal and travel to the Nether to find a missing explorer."-- Provided by publisher.

Madness in the mine —Morgan, Winter, author.

Follow Brett and Joe as they discover the mystery behind the meadow mews mine in the fifth unofficial Minecrafter's time travel adventure!

The creeper attack —Morgan, Winter, author.

After returning home from his travels through time, Brett is invited to build a new farm in the cold biome. But as he gathers crops, he falls down a portal that carries him to a terrifying future where he and his friends...

Battle for time —Morgan, Winter, author.

When an explosion sends Brett back in time, he tries to help a farming community during a wheat storage that is leaving the people hungry.

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