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15 Results
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Peep inside dinosaurs —Milbourne, Anna, author.

This simple non-fiction book for very young children is filled with facts about dinosaurs. Little children can lift the flaps and peep through the holes in the pages to find out where dinosaurs lived, what they ate and w...

Jack and the beanstalk —Milbourne, Anna, author.

A traditional English fairy tale.

Peep inside the jungle —Milbourne, Anna, author.

Down in the jungle there's a chatter and a squawk. Is it the mummy tiger with her cubs? A bright-eyed tree frog? A bird of paradise or a honey bear having a midnight snack? Children can peep under the leaves and between ...

Peep inside a beehive —Milbourne, Anna, author.

"Peep into flowers and inside a beehive to find out what busy bees do all day"--Page 4 of cover.

Little lift and look bugs —Milbourne, Anna, author.

"Meet a ladybird in this little book and follow her through the meadow to meet all kinds of different bugs. Discover wiggly worms, springy grasshoppers and even a butterfly coming out of its crysalis before the ladybird ...

The Usborne Complete Dickens : all the novels retold —Milbourne, Anna, author.

This beautifully illustrated book contains all of Charles Dickens' novels, and the novella A Christmas Carol, all skillfully retold for children. The retellings simplify the novels for a young modern reader, with quotati...

The Usborne complete Jane Austen : all the novels retold —Milbourne, Anna, author.

"From teenage girls waiting to dance their very first ball, to mothers hunting for rich husbands for their daughters, Jane Austen's love stories are famous throughout the world. This collection of adaptations of all six ...

Space —Milbourne, Anna, author.

Peep inside this life-the-flap information book and explore the vast and wonderful universe. Drifting through the twinkling stars and visiting the moon, readers will feel like astronauts exploring the galaxy themselves.

The snowy day —Milbourne, Anna, author.

Several children enjoy playing in the snow.

The sunny day —Milbourne, Anna, author.

"Discover the delights of a beautifully sunny day with some children who go on a walk. Find out all about flowers and bees, swallows and cherry trees, and long shadows as the sun begins to go down. Charming illustrations...

I'm not (very) afraid of being alone —Milbourne, Anna, author.

This little girl follows her daddy everywhere - upstairs, downstairs, and even to the bathroom! She doesn't like being left alone - the world is so big and she's so small! Can she and her daddy find a solution?

How the elephant got his trunk —Milbourne, Anna, author.

According to this much-loved fable, elephants didn't always have long trunks that is until one day when the elephant's child could contain his curiosity no longer, stepping closer than he should have to the crocodile.