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233 Results
Penny Lane —Meister, Cari, author.

Based on Beat Bugs, the Netflix TV show inspired by songs made famous by the Beatles. Lately, Crick is feeling down. It's up to the Beat Bugs to cheer him up in their own special way. But will it be just what Crick needs...

Beat Bugs : in my life —Meister, Cari, author.

When the Beat Bugs throw a birthday party for Katter the Pillar, she's unable to enjoy the festivities, as she adjusts to her growing and changing body.

Hi-Ho, Tiny —Meister, Cari, author.

Today is a big day! Elliot is dressed up, but what will Tiny wear? And where are they going? Hi-ho, let's find out!"--Page [4] of cover.

Tiny goes to the movies —Meister, Cari, author.

Tiny and Eliot love summer. They play ball, swim, and go see a movie in the park. But when a cat appears onscreen during the film, Tiny doesn't know it isn't real. He barks and runs around, making a huge mess-and stealin...

Rocking bed of dreams —Meister, Cari, author.

"In this melodic and aquatic New Books for Newborns book, a parent waits for their little one to drift off to sleep with a restful lullaby full of sweet dreams of exploring the wonders of the sea, as they rock, rock, roc...

Happy Thanksgiving, Tiny! —Meister, Cari, author.

Eliot is cast in a Thanksgiving play, and his dog, Tiny, wants to help but only gets in the way until disaster strikes on opening night.

Construction workers —Meister, Cari, author.

"This photo-illustrated book for early readers explains what construction workers do and how they work to build things in our community"-- Provided by publisher.

Merry Christmas, Tiny! —Meister, Cari, author.

"When Tiny and Eliot visit a senior center with a group of Christmas carolers, they go inside to warm up and spread cheer. That's when they find out that the truck carrying the tree for the senior center has broken down-...

Tiny goes back to school —Meister, Cari.

Tiny the dog returns to obedience school and teaches the other dogs how to receive treats.

Ruby and the magic garden —Meister, Cari, author.

Fairy Hill's magic garden has lost its sparkle, and three young fairies, Ruby, May, and Luna, try everything to restore its magic--but nothing works until Ruby discovers what is blocking the magic, and earns her wings.

Luther's Halloween —Meister, Cari.

On Halloween, a boy and his pet triceratops named Luther thwart a bully dressed as Dracula who has been taking candy from other trick-or-treaters.

Tiny the snow dog —Meister, Cari.

Tiny and his owner play in the snow and Tiny becomes a snow dog.

Tiny the birthday dog —Meister, Cari.

"Eliot prepares a birthday party for his canine friend, a big dog named Tiny"--Provided by publisher.

Tiny goes to the library —Meister, Cari.

Tiny the dog is a big help at the library when his owner takes out too many books to carry home.

Cinderella in the city —Meister, Cari, author.

"Cindy wants to enter the royal dance contest. But she'll need a little help from her fairy godmother if she wants the fairy tale ending to her night out on the town!"--Page [4] of cover.

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