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49 Results
The listening walk —Kirk, David, 1955-

When little Wiggle is kept awake by scary noises, his mother, Miss Spider, takes him out for a walk to show him the harmless things that are making those sounds.

Truckeroo school —Kirk, David, 1955- author, illustrator.

Little monsters and the trucks they have built attend school together in Monster Town.

Miss Spider's tea party —Kirk, David, 1955-

When lonely Miss Spider tries to host a tea party, the other bugs refuse to come for fear of being eaten!

Little Miss spider : a Christmas wish —Kirk, David, 1955-

"It's Christmas Eve and Little Miss Spider is lonely--she doesn't have a little brother or sister to help build snowy creatures and join in her holiday games. Just when Little Miss Spider is wishing her hardest for a fri...

Miss Spider's new car —Kirk, David, 1955-

Miss Spider and her husband go shopping for a car.

Little Miss Spider at Sunny Patch school —Kirk, David, 1955-

On her first day at school, Little Miss Spider worries that she cannot do what the others can, but she learns that she has a special quality all her own.

It's a very merry Muppet Christmas movie

Evil banker Rachel Bitterman forecloses on the Muppets' famous variety theater. But Bitterman's machinations take a back seat when apprentice guardian angel Daniel shows Kermit what conditions would have been had Kermit ...

Miss Spider's wedding —Kirk, David, 1955-

Miss Spider proves that her heart knows best when it comes to choosing a husband.

Miss Spider's Sunny Patch friends. Humbug

Make sure to do good deeds to ensure a visit from the Dream Bug and secure a seat at the Jolly Holly Day Fest. Squirt, Bounce, and Snowdrop are waiting to go on a jolly adventure through the snow on the top O' Big Tree, ...

Stumped —Kirk, David, 1955-

When Shimmer and Squirt both claim the last berry of the season, Miss Spider shows them that compromising can be fun."

Eight legs up —Kirk, David, 1955-

While observing other contestants practice for the Sunny Patch Pinecone Derby, Snowdrop decides that she cannot be graceful with eight legs, and tries to make herself more like an insect.

My hugging rules —Kirk, David, 1955- author, illustrator.

A kitty learns that getting hugs is good, but giving them is better.

After school rules —Kirk, David, 1955-

When some of the Sunny Patch kids want to play soccer and some want to play basketball, they find a way to make both groups happy. Text contains rebuses.

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