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61 Results
Chickens to the rescue —Himmelman, John.

Six days a week the chickens help the Greenstalk family and their animals recover from mishaps that occur on the farm, but they need one day to rest.

Pigs to the rescue —Himmelman, John.

All week long the pigs help out around the farm in unexpected ways.

Albert Hopper, science hero : worming to the center of the Earth! —Himmelman, John, author, illustrator.

Frog--and Science Hero--Professor Albert Hopper travels with his niece Polly and nephew Tad to the center of the Earth, encountering prehistoric cavefrogs, dinosaur fossils, and Yeti on the way.

Duck to the rescue —Himmelman, John, author, illustrator.

When something goes wrong on the farm, Ernie the duck is determined to help out, but no matter how hard he tries, nothing goes quite as he plans.

Floaty —Himmelman, John, author, illustrator.

Blah! Mr. Raisin is a bit of a grump. He lives all alone in a little house, and he likes it that way just fine. One day, a mysterious basket appears on Mr. Raisin s doorstep. When he opens it up, it seems there's nothing...

The cow said meow —Himmelman, John, author.

No one likes getting caught out in the rain! One drizzly day on the farm, a cow overhears a cat meowing to be let into the house. When the kind old lady inside opens the door, the cow gets an idea--one that spirals out o...

Noisy bug sing-along —Himmelman, John.

"Listen closely to the sounds of insects. Together they make a concert! Learn about how they do it"-- Provided by publisher.

Cows to the rescue —Himmelman, John.

After helping the Greenstalk family get to the county fair, the cows busy themselves finding solutions to many other problems that arise during the day.

The Animal Rescue Club —Himmelman, John.

Members of the Animal Rescue Club save wild animals in trouble, nurse them back to health, and return them to the wild.

A ladybug's life —Himmelman, John.

Illustrations and simple text follow the daily activities of a ladybug through its life cycle, from summer to fall.

Tales of Bunjitsu Bunny —Himmelman, John, author, illustrator.

Although she can throw farther, kick higher, and hit harder than anyone else at school, Isabel, aka Bunjitsu Bunny, never hurts another creature, unless she has to.

Sound the shofar! : a story for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur —Kimmelman, Leslie.

Uncle Jake gets to blow the shofar twice within ten days, as the family celebrates first Rosh Hashanah and then Yom Kippur.

Katie loves the kittens —Himmelman, John.

When Sara Ann brings home three little kittens, Katie the dog's enthusiasm frightens the kittens away, until she learns that a quiet patience is sometimes needed to begin a friendship.

Katie and the puppy next door —Himmelman, John.

Katie the dog learns that sharing can be fun when she becomes friends with the playful puppy next door.

They all saw a cat ... and other feline fables

Collect the entire library of Scholastic Storybook Treasures and read along on screen with your favorite classic children's stories, brought vividly to life on DVD. Stories in this compilation include: They All Saw A Cat...

The giant from the Fire Sea —Himmelman, John, author.

When a giant named Newton emerges from the Fire Sea, where Jat is gathering coal, they begin a friendship and an adventure in which both try to protect Jat's village.

An earthworm's life —Himmelman, John.

Describes, in simple text and illustrations, the daily activities and life cycle of the earthworm.

Blasting through the solar system! —Himmelman, John, author.

Professor Albert Hopper, frog and Science Hero, travels with his niece Polly and nephew Tad throughout the solar system, exploring the sun, asteroids and comets, and the planets.

There's a bug on my book! —Himmelman, John, author, illustrator.

"Made to be read by a child while lying on the grass, a variety of insects and other creatures appear on each page. Children tip, tap, and turn pages to discover how these animals move"-- Provided by publisher.

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