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24 Results
Spider-Man versus Electro —Hill, Susan, 1965-

Spider-Man tries to stop Electro from stealing the city's power supply.

Not a peep! —Hill, Susan, 1965-

Cassie gets to bring her class baby chicks home for the weekend. But when Cassie needs help watching them, will Marley rise to the occasion?

Spider-Man versus Kraven —Hill, Susan, 1965-

Spider-Man is investigating why animals go missing in the zoo, when he finds a strange man wearing animal skins. Then he has to fight with this man, named Kraven.

Black Beauty and the thunderstorm —Hill, Susan, 1965-

During a terrible storm, the daughter of Black Beauty's owner is lost in the storm and now Black Beauty must choose whether to save her or escape to freedom.

Lassie come-home : an adaptation of Eric Knight's classic story —Hill, Susan, 1965-

After losing his job, Joe's father has no choice but to sell Joe's beloved collie, Lassie, to a wealthy duke, but when the duke takes her to the far north of Scotland, Lassie undertakes a 1000-mile journey to be reunited...

The magic mirror : concerning a lonely princess, a foundling girl, a scheming king and a pickpocket squirrel —Hill, Susan, 1965-

From the time she was a crippled baby, left in a church, Maggie's life has never been easy but when she glimpses her destiny in a magic mirror, she goes off on a quest to find her father and, along the way, finds happine...

Spider-Man versus the Vulture —Hill, Susan, 1965-

Peter Parker's first day at The Daily Bugle is complicated by the appearance of the Vulture, a super villain who has stolen a bag of jewels.

Alvin and the Chipmunks, the squeakquel. Meet the 'Munks —Hill, Susan, 1965-

"Alvin, Simon and Theodore plan on winning the school singing contest. After all, they are rock stars. But that was before they met The Chipettes!"--P. [4] of cover.

Ruby's perfect day —Hill, Susan, 1965-

When Ruby Raccoon wants to share a perfectly sunny day with her busy woodland friends, she discovers that perfect days can be spent all by yourself.

The care and keeping of Freddy —Long, Susan Hill, 1965- author.

Friends Georgia, Maria, and Roly stumble through a pivotal summer together as parents, siblings, and a bearded dragon named Freddy cause distress.

Peter Pan : lost and found —Hill, Susan, 1965-

Jealous of Peter Pan's new friend Wendy, who can tell stories, Tinkerbell tries to find Peter's lost shadow.

Ruby bakes a cake —Hill, Susan, 1965-

Ruby Raccoon asks her friends for advice on making a cake.

Ruby paints a picture —Hill, Susan, 1965-

Ruby Raccoon paints a picture which unexpectedly shows the best feature of her various friends.

Whistle in the dark —Hill, Susan, 1965-

In a small Missouri town during the 1920s, Clem is torn between family responsibility and the life he wishes to lead when he must begin working in the lead mine on his thirteenth birthday to help pay for his sister's med...

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