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118 Results
Amazing materials —Hewitt, Sally, 1949-

Introduces children to different kinds of materials, from gas to silk.

My digestive system —Hewitt, Sally, 1949-

"An introduction to the digestive system and how it processes food for the human body"--Provided by publisher.

My heart and lungs —Hewitt, Sally, 1949-

"An introduction to the heart and lungs and their functions within the human body"--Provided by publisher.

My brain —Hewitt, Sally, 1949-

"An introduction to the brain and its many functions within the human body, including how it helps us breathe, move, sense, learn, and remember"--Provided by publisher.

Maps —Hewitt, Sally, 1949-

"Discusses different types of maps, how they are used, and how they represent geographical areas. Includes hands-on activities"--Provided by publisher.

Mountains —Hewitt, Sally, 1949-

"Describes the geography of mountains, how they are formed, and the locations of specific mountain ranges. Also describes the impact humans have on mountains and conservation of these areas. Includes hands-on activities....

Caring for our Earth —Hewitt, Sally, 1949-

"Describes many aspects of Earth's geography, from wildlife to water supplies, that are under threat from climate change and human actions. Offers many hands-on activities for conservation and recycling"--Provided by pub...

Your backyard —Hewitt, Sally, 1949-

Looks at the ecology and wildlife of the backyard environment, including soil, plants, birds, and insects.

All year round —Hewitt, Sally, 1949-

An introduction to the changing world of nature throughout the year.

Space : sun, moon, and stars —Hewitt, Sally, 1949-

Describes objects in space, including the solar system and the planets contained within it, and explains how humans have explored them.

My bones —Hewitt, Sally, 1949-

"An introduction to bones, their functions in the human body, and how they help us move"--Provided by publisher.

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