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95 Results
The witch with no name —Harrison, Kim, 1966- author.

Bounty hunter Rachel Morgan risks everything to save Ivy's soul and the rest of the living vampires and to keep the demons of Hell from destroying humankind.

Million dollar demon —Harrison, Kim, 1966- author.

"To save the city, Rachel Morgan will need to show some teeth in the next Hollows novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Kim Harrison. The new master vampire of Cincinnati has arrived ... and she wants Rachel Mo...

The turn : the hollows begins with death —Harrison, Kim, 1966- author.

"#1 New York Times bestselling author Kim Harrison returns to her beloved Hollows series with The Turn, the official prequel to the series that will introduce you to a whole new side of Rachel Morgan's world as they've n...

A perfect blood —Harrison, Kim.

When she discovers that a would-be creator is determined to make his (or her) own demons and needs her blood, former witch-turned-day-walking-demon Rachel Morgan, a bounty hunter, faces her toughest adversary yet --human...

American demon —Harrison, Kim, 1966- author.

With a rash of zombies, some strange new murders, and an exceedingly mysterious new demon in town, this 14th entry in the 'Hollows' series follows Rachel Morgan as she counters a new threat to the world, and it may deman...

Dead witch walking —Harrison, Kim.

Fun, sassy, and filled with action, humor, and romance, "Dead Witch Walking" makes the perfect summer read for anyone who likes vampires, paranormal fantasy, romance, or just a great beach book. Original.

White witch, black curse —Harrison, Kim.

Rachel Morgan, kick-ass witch and bounty hunter, sets out to avenge the death of a loved one.

Every which way but dead —Harrison, Kim.

There's no witch in cincinnati tougher, sexier, or more screwed up than bounty hunter Rachel Morgan, who's already put her love life and her soul in dire jeopardy through her determined efforts to bring criminal night cr...

The drafter —Harrison, Kim, 1966- author.
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"Detroit 2030. Double-crossed by the person she loved and betrayed by the covert government organization that trained her to use her body as a weapon, Peri Reed becomes a fugitive and joins forces with a mysterious rogue...

The operator —Harrison, Kim, 1966- author.
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Peri Reed's job eats her mind, but for a special task agent in hiding, forgetting the past can be a blessing. Betrayed by the man she thought she loved and the agency who turned her into the very thing she fought against...

The outlaw demon wails —Harrison, Kim.

Witch and paranormal bounty hunter Rachel Morgan has many issues to deal with in her life including facing the demon Algaliarept who wants to claim her and solving a murder.

For a few demons more —Harrison, Kim.

The terror unleashed by a serial killer in the Hollows results in a vicious Inderland gang war. The ancient artifact Rachel is hiding may be the key to stopping the murderer, but revealing it could also create a battle t...

The good, the bad, and the undead —Harrison, Kim.

It's a tough life for witch rachel Morgan, sexy, independent bounty hunter, prowling the darket shadows of downtown Cincinnati for criminal creatures of the night.

Holidays are hell

Four romance authors--Kim Harrison, Lynsay Sands, Marjorie M. Liu, and Vicki Petterson--explore the seductive and dangerous world of the supernatural in four sensuous tales of the holidays run amok, from Thanksgiving to ...

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