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21 Results
They're off! : the story of the Pony Express —Harness, Cheryl.

Relates the history of the Pony Express from when it began to carry messages across the American West in April 1860 until the telegraph replaced it in October 1861.

Papa's Christmas gift : around the world on the night before Christmas —Harness, Cheryl.

Depicts happenings in countries around the world on Christmas Eve, 1822, while Clement Clarke Moore gives to his family the first reading ever of his poem "A Visit from Saint Nicholas."

Women daredevils : thrills, chills, and frills —Cummins, Julie.

The stories of fourteen women during the period from 1880 to 1929 who performed feats of daring from being shot out of a cannon to high-diving on horseback.

Midnight in the cemetery : a spooky search-and-find alphabet book —Harness, Cheryl.

An alphabet book, featuring collage art, in which ghosts scare away two children searching for treasure in a graveyard. Each illustration features objects representing a letter or letters of the alphabet.

Gus wanders off —Schertle, Alice.

Forgetting his mother's instructions, Gus leaves his yard to follow his teacher's dog on an eventful walk through town, only to forget his way home.

Ghosts of the twentieth century —Harness, Cheryl.

While on a field trip to a museum, a young boy encounters Albert Einstein, who gives him a whirlwind tour of the twentieth century.

Grandpa's slide show —Gould, Deborah.

Whenever they visit Grandpa, Sam and Douglas always watch a slide show. After Grandpa dies, they watch the show to remember him.

George Washington —Harness, Cheryl.

Presents the life of George Washington, focusing on the Revolutionary War years and his presidency.

Abe Lincoln goes to Washington, 1837-1865 —Harness, Cheryl.

Portrays Lincoln's life as a lawyer in Springfield, a devoted husband and father, and president during the Civil War years.

George Washington, spymaster : how America outspied the British and won the Revolutionary War —Allen, Thomas B.

A biography of Revolutionary War general and first President of the United States, George Washington, focusing on his use of spies to gather intelligence that helped the colonies win the war.

Just for you to know —Harness, Cheryl.

As her family noisily slurps root beers at a drive-in stop, Carmen longs to be invisible -- especially when Clark and Larry shout out the news about Mama. Can it get any worse than this?

Thomas Jefferson —Harness, Cheryl.

Examines the life and times of the multifaceted man who wrote the Declaration of Independence and later became the third president of the United States.

The trailblazing life of Daniel Boone : and how early Americans took to the road —Harness, Cheryl.

Profiles the life and adventures of Daniel Boone; chronicling his childhood in Pennsylvania, service in the French and Indian War, journey across the Appalachians, and settlement of Boonesboro, Kentucky; and includes ill...

Fudge —Graeber, Charlotte Towner.

Chad's parents agree to let him take the puppy, Fudge, on a trial basis if he takes care of her.

Women explorers : perils, pistols, and petticoats —Cummins, Julie.

Introduces inspiring women whose passions for exploration made them push the boundaries, including Nellie Cashman, Annie Smith Peck, and Delia Julia Denning Akeley.

Flags over America a star-spangled story —Harness, Cheryl.

Explains how flags have been used throughout history to represent cultures, including the colonial era, the Revolutionary War, and the War of 1812.

Oh, I love! —Shannon, George.

A lullaby repeats the sounds made by a rooster, pig, chick, goose, lamb, and "my little baby" too.

Franklin & Eleanor —Harness, Cheryl.

Introduces the lives of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and First Lady Eleanor, distant cousins who married in 1905 and helped guide the country during the Depression and the second World War.

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