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221 Results
How to start first grade —Hapka, Cathy.

Steve is excited and happy to be starting "real school" until Hannah, who just moved from Alaska, captures everyone's attention and his response lands him in the principal's office.

Splat the cat goes to the doctor —Hapka, Cathy.

Splat the cat can't wait to go to the doctor for a checkup! That is, until his friends start talking about all the scary things a doctor's visit can mean. But with a little encouragement from Mom, Splat learns the doctor...

Margret & H.A. Rey's Merry Christmas, Curious George —Hapka, Cathy, author.

Separated from the man in the yellow hat while at a Christmas tree farm, Curious George ends up at a hospital where he delights the child patients with his own brand of tree trimming.

Back in the saddle —Hapka, Cathy, author.

When Annie falls off her pony Splash at a riding lesson, she must decide whether or not to get back in the saddle.

The trail ride —Hapka, Cathy.

Meg, Jill, and Annie know how to ride their ponies. But when they decide to go out on the trail alone, will they be able to find their way home?.

Margret & H.A. Rey's Curious George's dinosaur discovery —Hapka, Cathy.

Curious George and the man in the yellow hat help some scientists dig for dinosaur bones.

Jingle Bells —Hapka, Cathy.

In 1915 Wisconsin, a farm horse named Jingle Bells worries that his family will replace him when the older son brings home a brand new Model-T Ford car. Includes facts about Clydesdale horses.

Blue ribbon day —Hapka, Cathy, author.

Going to the county fair to help Jill's mom prepare the ponies for a driving class competition, Jill, Meg, and Annie enjoy the displays and festivities before running into rival Ben, who makes them doubt their skills.

Luna —Hapka, Cathy.

In the Netherlands in 1855, May, a young member of a circus family who is not permitted to perform because of a twisted foot, bonds with a local Friesian farm horse that she names Luna, and together the two perform a her...

Pony party —Hapka, Cathy.

When Jill's mom asks the Pony Scouts to help her run a pony party for a little girl's birthday, Meg, Jill, and Annie can't wait to help! After all, any girl who is having a pony party must share the Pony Scouts' love for...

A new home for Truman —Hapka, Cathy.

"When Janey starts a blog where people can share cute pet photos and stories, she never imagines she'll receive a heartbreaking photo of a skinny, abandoned dog. She calls on her friends Lolli, Zach, and Adam to help - a...

The lonely pony —Hapka, Cathy.

"While out walking a dog one day, Adam notices a shaggy, lonely pony standing by herself in a field, without food or water. When he continues to see her day after day, he realizes that this another case for the Pet Rescu...

How to start kindergarten —Hapka, Cathy.

David is the new kid at school, and is worried about fitting in. Steve is not worried about fitting in, and tells David, "Just do what I do and you will be great!" But when David listens a little too well, Steve has a bo...

Jungle adventure —Hapka, Cathy.

With just a few weeks until the wedding, Aunt Sophie's fiancé, Henry, has gone missing in the jungle. It's up to Olivia and her friends to save him. But the jungle is a dangerous place, and there's no telling what they ...

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