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96 Results
Clark the shark gets a pet —Hale, Bruce.

Clark the shark is excited about his new pet, Lulu the dogfish. He can't wait to teach Lulu tricks and feed her lots of treats. But Clark discovers there's more to having a pet than he thought!

Clark the shark and the school sing —Hale, Bruce, author.

"Clark the Shark is excited about the School Sing! He can't wait to sing. But when Mrs. Inkydink asks the class to sing and dance at the same time, Clark struggles. What if Clark messes up on the big day? When it is time...

Syd Hoff's Danny and the dinosaur and the sand castle contest —Hale, Bruce, author.

When Danny wants to win the sand castle contest, his dinosaur friend, who has never been to the beach before, is eager to help.

Syd Hoff's Danny and the dinosaur mind their manners —Hale, Bruce.

Everyone knows it can be hard learning good manners, but that doesn't stop Danny and the dinosaur when they learn a king is coming to visit the museum! This dynamic duo will show young readers and parents alike that noth...

Clark The Shark and the big book report —Hale, Bruce, author.

Be bold, be smart, and speak from the heart! Clark the Shark is ready to present his book report to the class. But at the last minute, Clark gets stage fright and clams up in front of everybody. With a little help from h...

Too many treats —Hale, Bruce.

Clark the Shark's mom is making brownies for school. But when Clark decides to taste just one, the impulsive shark can't stop eating! Yum-yum-yum. Will the class treat be ruined?

The big sneeze —Hale, Bruce.

After a day of playing in the rain, Danny and the dinosaur each catch a cold. How will Danny and the dinosaur both turn a sick day into something fun?

Syd Hoff's Danny and the dinosaur ride a bike —Hale, Bruce.

Danny is inspired by a new bicycle exhibit at the museum to learn how to ride a bike, and gets help from his best friend the dinosaur.

Syd Hoff's Danny and the dinosaur in the big city —Hale, Bruce.

Towering skyscrapers! Rumbling subways! The city is a big and exciting place. But even though the city is big, the dinosaur may find fitting in to be a bit of a challenge!

Syd Hoff's Danny and the dinosaur. Too tall —Hale, Bruce, author.

A little boy is surprised and pleased when one of the dinosaurs from the museum agrees to play with him. When his dinosaur thinks he's too tall, Danny decides to cheer his friend up.

Clark the Shark —Hale, Bruce.

Clark finds everything about school fun and exciting, but his enthusiasm causes problems until he begins inventing rhymes to remind himself to stay cool at school.

Lost and found —Hale, Bruce, author.

While on a field trip to the farmers' market, Clark becomes separated from his classmates and must use his rhyming skills to help him remember his teacher's instructions.

Syd Hoff's Danny and the dinosaur and the new puppy —Hale, Bruce, author.

When Danny gets a new puppy, he reunites with longtime friend Dinosaur for a fun-filled day of playing fetch and rolling over, dinosaur-style.

Tooth trouble —Hale, Bruce, author.

Clark the Shark has a loose tooth and needs to visit the dentist. But he's heard that the dentist is scarier than a box of blue whales! Can Clark find a way to stay cool when it comes to tooth trouble?

Syd Hoff's Danny and the dinosaur and the girl next door —Hale, Bruce, author.

When Betty, a new neighbor, moves in next door, Danny wants her to meet the dinosaur he enjoys visiting at the museum.

Clark the Shark : afraid of the dark —Hale, Bruce.

At a sleepover, Clark the Shark braves his fear of the dark with the help of music and friends.

Clark the Shark takes heart —Hale, Bruce.

"Clark tries to impress his crush with his usual enthusiasm but he discovers that being thoughtful is more important than being flashy when it comes to showing that he cares"--Provided by publisher.

Clark the Shark dares to share —Hale, Bruce.

"Clark the Shark learns about sharing with a little help from his friends"-- Provided by publisher.

Big Bad Baby —Hale, Bruce.

When Sweet Little Sammy suddenly turns into Big Bad Baby, nothing can stop his misbehavior--or that of his evil hench-dog, Boris--except, perhaps, his mother, armed with his favorite blue blanky.

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