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13 Results
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Out of the ocean —Frasier, Debra.

A young girl and her mother walk along the beach and marvel at the treasures cast up by the sea and the wonders of the world around them.

On the day you were born —Frasier, Debra, author.
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The Earth celebrates the birth of a newborn baby, as around the planet the moon pulls, the tides rise, and the rain falls.

On the day you were born —Frasier, Debra.

The earth celebrates the birth of a newborn baby.

Spike : ugliest dog in the universe —Frasier, Debra.

Winning the Ugliest Dog in the Universe contest was awful for Spike, but when the cat Evangeline is threatened by a thief, Spike proves that he is also good-hearted, loyal, smart, and much more.

A fabulous fair alphabet —Frasier, Debra.

Letters of the alphabet in various graphic styles accompany words associated with fairs.

A birthday cake is no ordinary cake —Frasier, Debra.

A lyrical recipe using the changes in the natural world to explain to a child the time that passes between one birthday and the next. Includes recipe for more traditional birthday cake as well.

On the day you were born —Frasier, Debra.

The earth celebrates the birth of a newborn baby.

We got here together —Stafford, Kim Robert.

As a father puts his child to bed, he tells her about a raindrop that falls to become part of the ocean and a bubble that rises to merge with the air.

Miss Alaineus : a vocabulary disaster —Frasier, Debra.

When Sage's spelling and definition of a word reveal her misunderstanding of it to her classmates, she is at first embarrassed but then uses her mistake as inspiration for the vocabulary parade.

In the space of the sky —Lewis, Richard, 1935-

A child's poetic view of the world--from the surrounding space of the natural world to the inner world of dreams.