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40 Results
Into the game! —Eliopulos, Nick, author.

"Five young Minecraft players in the real world find themselves transported inside the game they love. But now it's not a game--and they will have to use everything they know to explore, build, and survive!"--Provided by...

Night of the bats! —Eliopulos, Nick, author.

"The adventures continue in the Woodsword Chronicles as five young Minecraft players find themselves transported inside the game they love -- and now bats have invaded their school! Are creatures from the game leaking in...

Unicorn Day —Murray, Diana, author.

The unicorns are celebrating their favorite day of the year, complete with rainbows and sparkly butterflies, but when an impostor (a horse with a fake horn) arrives, will the party continue with all its glittery glory?

Ninja at the firehouse —Flowers, Luke.

Moby heads to the firehouse to help the firefighters. Moby tries to hang up the gear, spray the hose, and climb a ladder, but each try ends in a funny mess. Moby wants to help, but he worries his ninja skills aren't righ...

Ready, set, go! —Flowers, Luke, author, illustrator.

Told in rhyme, Moby Shinobi and his dog Toby volunteer to drive when his friend Jenny's junior race car driver fails to show up but as usual, his enthusiasm ends up in a mess of oil spills, flat tires, and wrong turns--b...

Deep dive! —Eliopulos, Nick, author.

"The adventures continue in the third official Minecraft chapter book based on one of the most popular video games of all time."-- Provided by publisher.

Ninja on the job —Flowers, Luke.

Moby heads to a construction site to help the construction workers build a house. Moby tries to chop lumber, hammer in nails, and use other construction tools, but each try ends in a funny mess. What if Moby's ninja skil...

Last block standing! —Eliopulos, Nick, author.

"As the world of Minecraft falls under the Evoker King's control, Morgan, Ash, and their friends get ready for the final showdown. But with their enemy now in possession of the most powerful building block in Minecraft, ...

Dungeon crawl! —Eliopulos, Nick, author.

Tracking the Evoker King to his home in the heart of a perilous dungeon, Po, Morgan, and their fellow Minecraft players gear up for an epic quest of danger, while in the real world, the school play is overrun by its own ...

Ninja at the pet shop —Flowers, Luke, author, illustrator.

Told in rhyme, Moby Shinobi tries to put his ninja skills to work helping out at the pet shop, but as usual his efforts result in complete chaos--until he redeems himself by finding the missing python.

Ninja on the farm —Flowers, Luke, author, illustrator.

Moby Shinobi wants to put his ninja skills to use by helping a farmer in need, but everything goes wrong until he finds just the right job.

Surf's up! —Flowers, Luke, author, illustrator.

In rhyming text, Moby Shinobi and his dog Toby head to the beach for a day of fun, where Moby tries to put his ninja skill to work helping his friends build a sandcastle which unfortunately cannot withstand the weight of...

Ninja in the kitchen —Flowers, Luke, author, illustrator.

Told in rhyme, Moby Shinobi tries to put his ninja skills to work helping Papa Peppy in the pizza shop, but everything he does ends in ruined pizza--until the key to the cabinet where the secret sauce is stored gets lost...

Take a hike! —Flowers, Luke, author, illustrator.

On a camping trip with his dog Toby, Moby Shinobi's ninja skills keep making a mess of things but when hikers get lost he leads a team to save them.

Unicorn night : sleep tight —Murray, Diana, author.

Unicorns settle down with their bedtime routine by brushing their manes and ensuring their horns gleam before singing their song and drifting off to dream.

This little pumpkin —Fronis, Aly, author.

A Halloween-themed twist on the classic nursery rhyme "This Little Piggy."

The Llamas in the field —Fronis, Aly.

The field sure is a noisy place! It's filled with myah-ing llamas, mooing cows, purring alpacas, yipping coyotes, and so much more!

This little reindeer —Fronis, Aly, author.

These little reindeer have a lot of work to do to prepare for Chistmas! One goes to the market, one loads Santa's sleigh, one stretches, one cooks some treats, and one plays in the snow. Now they're all ready to deliver ...

That monster on the block —Ganz-Schmitt, Sue, author.

Monster is excited to see what kind of creature will move into Vampire's old house on the block. He even starts practicing his welcome growl for the new neighbor. But when the moving truck pulls up, it's not a greedy gob...

It's you I like —Rogers, Fred.

For the first time ever, Mister Rogers's heartwarming song "It's You I Like" is in board book form to share with the youngest readers. Featuring a diverse array of families and friendships, the affirming lyrics and illus...

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