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60 Results
Friends do not eat friends —Esbaum, Jill, author.

Big, scary, and hungry Thunder the dinosaur wants to chase and chomp Cluck, a small but brave dinosaur, but Cluck has decided that they will be friends.

Sea turtles —Esbaum, Jill, author.

"Learn about different kinds of sea turtles, where they live, what they like to eat and do, and how you can help keep them safe"-- Provided by publisher.

Little kids first big book of where —Esbaum, Jill, author.

"This charming reference book zeroes in on location, location, location. More than 200 colorful photos are paired with age-appropriate text featuring answers to questions like, "Where does the sky end?" "Where is the hig...

The brave friend leads the way! —Esbaum, Jill, author.

On a hot day, two unlikely dinosaur friends find a dark, cool cave, but who is brave enough to lead the way in?

If a T. Rex crashes your birthday party —Esbaum, Jill, author.

"You never know what will happen when a T. Rex crashes your birthday party. Sure, you'll be super excited when he turns up at your door. But then hell stomp. Hell ROAR. Hell look at you as if hes wondering how you taste ...

How to grow a dinosaur —Esbaum, Jill, author.

Provides practical advice for a young dinosaur when a baby brother arrives, such as the good news that he will be toddling soon, but the bad news that he will not know what is dangerous.

Little kids first big book of why 2 —Esbaum, Jill, author.

This charming reference book answers some of kids' most burning "Why?" questions. More than 200 colorful photos are paired with age-appropriate text featuring answers to questions like "Why do dogs sniff everything?" "Wh...

I am cow, hear me moo! —Esbaum, Jill.

While showing her timid gal pals the wonders of the woods, brave Nadine the cow discovers that she is not entirely fearless.

Frog boots —Esbaum, Jill, author.

School shopping is no fun for Dylan--until he spots boots decorated with poison-dart frogs. They even glow in the dark! He can't wait to show them off in class. But then a kid exclaims: "Ms. Kory, that boy's wearing girl...

Mon grand livre des pourquoi 2 —Esbaum, Jill, auteur.

"POURQUOI? Les enfants curieux posent d'innombrables questions. Ce livre leur fournit des réponses tout à fait fascinantes et leur propose plusieurs activités amusantes! Dans ce tout nouveau Mon grand livre des pourqu...

Little kids first big book of who —Esbaum, Jill.

Introduce young readers to some of the world's most interesting and important people in this bold and lively first biography book. More than 100 colorful photos are paired with age-appropriate text featuring profiles of ...

On adore les bébés animaux! —Esbaum, Jill, auteur.

Petits ou grands, rapides ou lents, lisses ou bosselés ... ça n'a pas d'importance: on adore les bébés animaux! Dans cet album charmant, vous trouverez d'adorables photos de bébés animaux accompagnées de phrases s...

Snow leopards —Esbaum, Jill, author.

Describes the unique physical characteristics, food habits, and parenting behavior of snow leopards.

Animal groups —Esbaum, Jill, author.

"What do you call that group of animals? Learn the sometimes familiar and sometimes surprising names for animal groups from around the globe."--Provided by publisher.

Les koalas —Esbaum, Jill, auteur.

"Dans ce texte soigneusement rédigé pour les lecteurs débutants, les enfants découvriront l'une des plus mignonnes créatures qui soient : les koalas. Ils pourront se familiariser avec les caractéristiques de ce pet...

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