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8 Results
Singing lariat —Ermine, Will, 1888-1979.
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"Salem Hardesty was on the move. Ever since his boys had been attacked by the Sioux, Salem suspected Rafe Perrine of smuggling guns to the Indians. Now--with Glenna's father gone--he was sure. Salem wanted Perrine and hi...

The drifting kid —Ermine, Will, 1888-1979.
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"The Kid wasn't quit sixteen, but he had led the hard kind of range life that makes a boy grow up fast. Even though the Kid could see trouble sticking out of Chalk Daggett like the spines on a poison cactus, he was happy...

Rustlers' bend —Ermine, Will, 1888-1979.
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"Sheriff Farraday will risk everything to stop a gang of murderers and rustlers"--Provided by publisher.

Outlaw on horseback —Ermine, Will, 1888-1979, author.
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"Deputy Marshal Dick Marr in Northern Oklahoma has his work cut out for him when the girl he loves joins up with outlaw Britt Morgan and his gang"-- Provided by publisher.

Plundered range —Ermine, Will, 1888-1979, author.
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Fent Crocker had been foreman of the Hamlin ranch for fifteen years, and with Luke Hamlin growing old and a little soft, he had begun to day-dream of himself as owner of the Hamlin spread. That explains why he had it in ...

Last of the Longhorns —Ermine, Will, 1888-1979.
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For years, Morgan Cameron and Jim Brett have been working and planning for the day when Morgan's sons, Stash and Lee, will take over leadership of their cattle empire, the B C Company. Stash, who is determined to become ...

Barbed-wire empire —Ermine, Will.

This was the climax; the end of a lifetime of bitterness and hate-Rusty Maxwell and Ben Sharp, both grown old, grizzled, and rich; one the owner of a barbed-wire empire, a sea of grass larger than some Eastern states; th...

Trail trouble —Ermine, Will, 1888-1979.

Their cowboy days behind them—though they'd never get the cow smell out of their Levis—and Pinkerton badges in their pockets, Bill Robuck, Happy Jack Dean, and Laughing Ed Leffler ride the owlhoot trails from...