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31 Results
Could you survive the Jurassic period? —Doeden, Matt, author.

The reader's choices determine whether three friends will survive after being mysteriously transported back in time to when huge insects swarmed the skies and fearsome dinosaurs ruled.

Can you stop a volcanic disaster? : an interactive eco adventure —Doeden, Matt, author.

"The ground is shaking. A volcano is about the erupt. Hundreds of lives are in danger. But you can help! Navigate through three different stories to discover what is happening below Earth's surface. With dozens of story ...

Beauty and the beast : an interactive fairy tale adventure —Doeden, Matt, author.

A choose-your-own-adventure in which the reader can proceed as a knight facing a female beast, explore the future with an android prince, or chase super-stardom in a modern version of the classic fairy tale. Includes a h...

The Stanley Cup playoffs : the quest for hockey's biggest prize —Doeden, Matt, author.

"Hockey is a thrilling, fast-paced sport, and the action gets even more intense during the playoffs. The Stanley Cup Playoffs: The Quest for Hockey's Biggest Prize covers it all with exciting text and vivid photos"-- Pro...

The Queen Mary : a chilling interactive adventure —Doeden, Matt, author.

"A You Choose adventure that takes place aboard the haunted ship, the Queen Mary"-- Provided by publisher.

Could you escape the Paris catacombs? —Doeden, Matt, author.

Your survival depends on making the right choices at key moments when you are lost in the catacombs of Paris.

Can you survive an artificial intelligence uprising? —Doeden, Matt, author.

The reader's choices determine if survival is possible when intelligent machines rise up in arms against their human creators.

Game day football : an interactive sports story —Doeden, Matt, author.

Facing down a mighty opponent on the football field, the reader's choices can mean the difference between a triumphant victory and a heartbreaking loss.

Can you survive an asteroid strike? —Doeden, Matt, author.

The reader's choices determine if survival is possible when a huge rock hurdles through space on a collision course with Earth.

The COVID-19 pandemic : a coronavirus timeline —Doeden, Matt, author.

"In 2019 a new, deadly coronavirus appeared and quickly spread around the world. This issue biography follows the timeline of the COVID-19 pandemic, examines its impact on society, explains the US government's response, ...

Can you net the Loch Ness Monster? : an interactive monster hunt —Terrell, Brandon, 1978-2021, author.

The narrator is a dedicated monster enthusiast, and the reader must help the narrator to decide whether to pursue the Loch Ness monster, known as Nessie, or one of the other lake monsters reported in places like Lake Cha...

Could you be a monster wave surfer? —Doeden, Matt, author.

"Surf's up! Do you have what it takes to surf a monster wave? Test your skills against the extreme - and dangerous - sport of big wave surfing. In this sport, one false move can lead to a deadly wipeout. Will you catch a...

Hockey's wickedest goals! —Doeden, Matt, author.

"Whack! When the blade strikes the puck, it's prime time on the ice. From sizzling slap shots to brilliant backhands, experience the wickedest goals from hockey's biggest superstars. These sensational shots were so hot, ...

Markus Notch Persson, Minecraft mogul —Doeden, Matt, author.

Presents a biography of Markus Persson and his journey from quiet game developer to world-famous billionaire, and discusses how he developed Minecraft and eventually sold the game for $2.5 billion.

Duck hunting —Doeden, Matt, author.

"This photo-illustrated book for elementary students describes duck hunting, the equipment needed, such as a shotgun, duck blinds, and decoys. Includes information on where to hunt and how to stay safe"-- Provided by pub...

Volleyball —Doeden, Matt, author.

"Presents information about volleyball in the Olympics including rules for playing, and overview of indoor and beach volleyball, and well-known players such as Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings"-- Provided by pu...

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