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9 Results
A day with Yayah —Campbell, Nicola I., author.

"An Aboriginal family goes out to forage for edibles in the woods. Grandmother passes down her knowledge of plant life. This picture book is set in the Okanagon, British Columbia."-- Provided by publisher.

Spíləx̣m : a weaving of recovery, resilience, and resurgence —Campbell, Nicola I., author.

In the Nłeʔkepmxcín language, spíləx̣m are remembered stories, often shared over tea in the quiet hours between Elders. Rooted within the British Columbia landscape, and with an almost tactile representat...

Stand like a cedar —Campbell, Nicola I., author.

"Children go for a walk in the woods with their elders and discover the animals of British Columbia, their names in the Nłeʔkepmxcín or Halq'emeylem languages, and the teachings they have for us."

A day with Yayah —Campbell, Nicola I., author.

On an outing in Nicola Valley, British Columbia, a Native American family forages for herbs and mushrooms while the grandmother passes down her language and knowledge to her young grandchildren. Includes glossary.

Shi-Shi-Etko —Campbell, Nicola I., author.

Shi-shi-etko, a Native American girl, spends the last four days before she goes to residential school learning valuable lessons from her mother, father, and grandmother, and creating precious memories of home.