5 Results
5 Results
The dead family Diaz —Bracegirdle, P. J.

Angelito Diaz is afraid of walking among the Living on the Day of the Dead, especially with his older sister, Estrellita, teasing him, but once in the Land of the Living, he quickly makes a new friend.

Sinister scenes —Bracegirdle, P. J.

When the star of a horror movie filming in the town of Spooking disappears, twelve-year-old Joy Wells steps into the role--and into real-life horror when her co-star gives a terrifying and unscripted performance.

Fiendish deeds —Bracegirdle, P. J.

As eleven-year-old Joy Wells, proud resident of the nearly-abandoned town of Spooking, tries to stop construction of a water park in a bog she believes is home to a monster and the setting of her favorite horror story, a...

Unearthly asylum —Bracegirdle, P. J.

When twelve-year-old Joy's pet frog gets away, she, her brother, and their elusive friend Poppy sneak onto the grounds of the town's asylum and discover mysteries that only reinforce Joy's beliefs that there are supernat...

Comet can't wait for Christmas —Bracegirdle, P. J.

Comet the reindeer, with help from her penguin friend, rushes to prepare for Christmas by decorating and making all of the other reindeer gifts.