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We learn from the sun —Bouchard, David, 1952- author.

'We Learn from the Sun' is an Indigenous rhyming poem with colourful illustrations about the seven sacred teachings that can be learned from the sun. This richly illustrated book by Metis writer David Bouchard and Metis ...

The song within my heart —Bouchard, David, 1952-

A young First Nations boy experiences his first pow-wow, and learns that he must find his own song.

Qu'Appelle —Bouchard, David, 1952-

For generations, the Cree people of the Northern Plains have told the legend of Qu'Appelle. In this famous love story, a young brave must leave his betrothed to lead a war party against the Blackfoot. Heartbroken by his ...

Raven's greatest creation = Gaagaagi ogichi-gikendaasowin —Bouchard, David, 1952- author.
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In true Métis fashion and in the traditional way of story telling, Bouchard introduces readers to Sky World, Earth People, Raven, Turtle Island and one clear vision as to how two-leggeds (humankind) came to be.

The dragon New Year : a Chinese legend —Bouchard, David, 1952-

Set in the words of a wise grandmother passing on the traditions of the Chinese New Year to her adored granddaughter.

How Raven stole the sun —James, Simon Daniel, 1969-

"In this tale there is an old man who keeps the sky, the stars, the moon, and the light of the world in a set of boxes. Raven tricks him into opening the boxes. Raven then steals the sun, and the world around him becomes...

The mermaid's muse : the legend of the dragon boats —Bouchard, David, 1952-

Retells the story of Qu Yuan, celebrated poet of ancient China. Wrongfully exiled to a remote island, he befriends a sea dragon disguised as a mermaid.

Prairie born —Bouchard, David, 1952-

A poetry book about the landscape, activities and generally the people of the prairies.

Dreamcatcher and the seven deceivers = Asabikeshiiwasp gaye awiya oga-gagwe-niisibidoon —Bouchard, David, 1952- author.

"Dreamcatcher and the Seven Deceivers (Asabikeshiiwasp gaye awiya oga-gagwe-niisibidoon ), the sequel to the Seven Sacred Teachings, warns of voices we can expect to hear in our dreamtime ? voices that do not represent t...

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