7 Results
7 Results
I can't find you, Mom! —Bode, Ann de.

Jessie becomes frightened after being separated from her mother while shopping, but she asks a security guard for help and he takes care of Jessie until her mother can be found.

Can you make me better? —Bode, Ann de.

Rosie goes to the hospital to have surgery on her heart, then spends time there getting better.

I don't like the dark! —Bode, Ann de.

When Kate goes to stay with her cousin Sophie, she does not want to admit she is afraid of the dark because Sophie is not afraid of anything.

I miss you, Grandad —Bode, Ann de.

Tom's family helps him to understand his grandfather's death, but he, himself, figures out how to get a message to his beloved Grandad.

Leave me alone! —Bode, Ann de.

When Peter moves to a big new house a neighbor, Jack, bullies him and soon has his new classmates picking on him, too.

I still love you, Dad —Bode, Ann de.

Laura wishes very much that her father still lived at home, so when her mother brings a man home for a visit Laura misbehaves in hopes of driving him off, but then finds herself liking him.