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43 Results
April foolishness —Bateman, Teresa.

Grandma, Grandpa, and the grandkids enjoy April Fools' Day on the farm.

The Frog with the Big Mouth —Bateman, Teresa.

In this version of the classic folktale, an Argentine wide-mouthed frog sets out through the rain forest to brag about his fly-eating abilities and encounters a toco toucan, a coati, a capybara, and a jaguar. Includes a ...

Fiona's luck —Bateman, Teresa.

A clever woman named Fiona must pass the leprechaun king's tests when she tries to get back all the luck he has locked away from humans.

Hunting the daddyosaurus —Bateman, Teresa.

Two young dinosaurs track their father around the house and finally tackle him in his easy chair.

Runaway pumpkins —Bateman, Teresa, author.

When a poorly secured bus lock turns a school trip back from a pumpkin patch into a disaster, and all but one of the pumpkins end up in people's yards, the neighbors along the road come up with a plan to turn the pumpkin...

Job wanted —Bateman, Teresa.

Arriving at a farm with sore paws and an empty stomach, a dog tries to convince the farmer that he could be just as valuable as a cow, a horse, or a chicken.

Hamster camp : how Harry got fit —Bateman, Teresa.

Concerned about Harry's weight gain and lack of exercise, his pet hamster arranges for him to spend a month at a unique camp, where Harry is transformed into someone who understands that eating right and staying in shape...

The eyes of the unicorn —Bateman, Teresa.

A serving girl, disappointed that her childhood friend is becoming a copy of his proud and unforgiving father, the Duke, helps him to see that the unicorn sought by the Duke's hunting party is too precious to kill.

Farm flu —Bateman, Teresa.

When the farm animals seem to catch the flu one after another, a young boy does his best to take care of them.

Lights out

When a bloodthirsty supernatural being that lurks in the shadows preys upon her family, a young woman must fight to protect herself, save her younger brother, and uncover a mystery about her family's shadowy past.

The Bully Blockers Club —Bateman, Teresa.

When Lottie is bothered by a bully at school, she helps start a club where everyone is welcome.

Ghastly ghosts —Bateman, Teresa, author.

Old Dave ignores strange noises he hears in the lonely old cottage he inherited from his uncle, except the voice telling him there are ghastly ghosts in the coal shed.

The Christmas pups —Bateman, Teresa.

Left by the side of the road just before Christmas, three puppies are brought to a shelter where an older dog tells them how to get adopted, but the two boys decide to misbehave to assure that their sister will find a ho...

The leprechaun under the bed —Bateman, Teresa.

Brian the leprechaun enjoys his solitary life until a human builds a stone cottage above Brian's underground home.

The Ring of Truth : an original Irish tale —Bateman, Teresa.

After the king of the leprechauns bestows on him the Ring of Truth, Patrick O'Kelley no longer expects to win a blarney contest.

A plump and perky turkey —Bateman, Teresa.

The townspeople of Squawk Valley try to trick a turkey into being their Thanksgiving dinner, but are frustrated when the turkey tricks them instead.

The merbaby —Bateman, Teresa.

When he and his brother Josh find a mer-baby caught in their fishing net, Tarron, rejecting his brother's plan to sell the baby and make a profit, discovers that there are greater treasures than gold.

Fiona's luck —Bateman, Teresa.

A clever woman named Fiona must pass the leprechaun king's tests when she tries to get back all the luck he has locked away from humans.

Damon, Pythias, and the test of friendship —Bateman, Teresa.

Best friends, Damon and Pythias, prove the strength of friendship to the tyrant Dionysius.

The princesses have a ball —Bateman, Teresa.

In this rhyming update of the fairy tale of the "Twelve Dancing Princesses," twelve princesses wear out their shoes playing basketball.

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