17 Results
17 Results
Desert slam —Barwin, Steven, author.

In this high-interest novel for teen readers, Maya is involved in a car accident while on vacation in Palm Springs.

Icebreaker —Barwin, Steven.

Greg is having a tough time getting along with his new stepsister, and the situation gets worse when they both join the same hockey team.

Hurricane heat —Barwin, Steven.

Five years ago, Travis Barkley's parents died in a car crash and he was separated from his sister, Amanda. Now sixteen, Travis receives a puzzling postcard from Amanda and heads to California to try and find her. With th...

Roller hockey blues —Barwin, Steven.

"Mason tries out for a local roller hockey team. Making the cut won't be easy - the captain is tough, the coach is tougher, and paying the fees may be the biggest problem of all" Cf. Our choice, 1998-1999.

Sk8ter —Barwin, Steven.

Jordy is in training for a skateboarding competition. The talented Alisha might be a good coach for him, but what would his friends think about Jordy getting advice from a girl.

Hurricane Heat —Barwin, Steven.

Everything stops making sense for southpaw Travis Barkley when his parents die in a car crash and he is separated from his sister, Amanda. After years of being in the foster-care system, Travis receives a puzzling postca...

Slam dunk —Barwin, Steven.

"The Raptors are going co-ed - which means that for the first time ever, there will be girls on the team. Mason's willing to see what these girls can do, especially after meeting Cindy, who has some serious moves on the ...