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Princess between worlds : a tale of the wide-awake princess —Baker, E. D.

"Just as Annie and Liam are busy making plans to travel the world, a witch shows up and gives them a collection of postcards from the Magic Marketplace. Each postcard gives Annie and Liam the opportunity to travel to exo...

Princess in disguise —Baker, E. D.

When everything starts going wrong on Annie and Liam's wedding day, Queen Karolina decides that they need the help of her fairy godmother, Moonbeam, but a magical fog keeps messengers from leaving so Annie and Liam thems...

Maggie and the flying horse —Baker, E. D., author.

To save an injured flying horse, eight-year-old Maggie must journey through the Enchanted Forest, which is full of dangerous trolls and goblins, to find a kindly stableman named Bob, who cares for many different magical ...

Maggie and the flying pigs —Baker, E. D., author.

"Maggie's newest chore at her friend Bob's stable is taking care of flying pigs--but they're not so easy to deal with! Maggie's used to putting up with a lot though, like her step-mother Zelia, who is trying to get Maggi...

The Frog Princess returns —Baker, E. D., author.

Prince Eadric, having been turned from a frog into a human again, is still in Greater Greensward where, because the Fairy Queen has disappeared, dangerous foes are threatening, so Emma must use her knowledge and magic to...

Princess before dawn —Baker, E. D., author.

Annie and Liam call on their friends Francis and Zoe to help when a strange group visits Treecrest and takes over the hunting grounds.

The salamander spell —Baker, E. D.

Thirteen-year-old Grassina vies with her older sister, Chartreuse, to see who will inherit the family's talent for magic and become the Green Witch, while each ponders which prince will be at her side during her "happily...

The dragon princess —Baker, E. D.

Although a princess, Millie cannot keep herself from turning unexpectedly into a dragon, so she ventures off to the Frozen North to find the Blue Witch, who she hopes will help her learn to control her dragon magic.

The frog princess —Baker, E. D., author.

Princess Emeralda a.k.a. Emma isn't exactly an ideal princess. Her laugh is more like a donkey's bray than tinkling bells, she trips over her own feet and she does not like Prince Jorge, whom her mother hopes she will ma...

Maggie and the unicorn —Baker, E. D., author.

When Maggie and her friend, Bob, learn of an injured unicorn in the forest, they set off to rescue him but Maggie's stepbrother, Peter, plans to stop them.

The truest heart —Baker, E. D., author.

Cory Feathering has abandoned the tooth fairy guild she was born into in favor of choosing her own path as a matchmaker, and now decides to fight for what she believes in by helping Mary Lambkin find true love.

The bravest princess : a tale of the wide-awake princess —Baker, E. D.

"Sleeping Beauty's younger, non-magical sister, Annie, still can't rest while trouble in the kingdom threatens her good friend, Snow White"--Provided by publisher.

Maggie and the wish fish —Baker, E. D., author.

Eight-year-old Maggie finds it harder each day to get along with her stepmother and stepsiblings, but a talking fish promises to grant a wish if she will free him.

The frog princess —Baker, E. D.

After reluctantly kissing a frog, an awkward, fourteen-year-old princess suddenly finds herself a frog, too, and sets off with the prince to seek the means--and the self-confidence--to become human again.

Once upon a curse —Baker, E. D., author.

Many years ago a slighted fairy placed a curse on a beautiful young princess--a curse that caused her and all her female descendants to turn into mean, ugly witches if they ever touched a flower after turning sixteen. No...

Unlocking the spell : a tale of the wide-awake princess —Baker, E. D.

Princess Annabelle, who is immune to magic and can temporarily reverse spells put on others, encounters various fairy tale characters when she embarks on an expedition into the woods to find a dwarf responsible for turni...

The wide-awake princess —Baker, E. D.

Annie, younger sister of the princess who would be known as Sleeping Beauty, is immune to magic and stays awake when the rest of the castle falls into an enchanted sleep, then sets out to find a way to break the spell.

Dragon's breath —Baker, E. D.

Having recovered their human shape, Emeralda and Eadric try to help Aunt Grassina find the special objects needed to break the spell that turned Grassina's true love, Haywood, into an otter.

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