10 Results
10 Results
Kiyoshi's walk —Karlins, Mark, author.

Kiyoshi asks his grandfather, the wise poet Eto, where poems come from, and Eto takes him on a walk through the city to seek an answer.

Sweet dreaming —Rawlinson, Julia, author.

Molly's mother imagines stories to lull her to sleep, from swooping birds to a quiet beach, and soon one of them has nodded off.

Bluecrowne —Milford, Kate, author.

In 1810, Lucy Bluecrowne, twelve, is bored living ashore with her stepmother and half brother until two nefarious strangers identify her little brother as the pyrotechnical prodigy they need for their evil plan.

I'll be the water : a story of a grandparent's love —Aspinwall, Alec, author.

Joshua and his grandfather love being together. More than anything else they love fishing. But Grandpa gets sick and is in the hospital a long time. When he gets out, he and Joshua share one more fishing adventure, and G...

Ferry tail —Kenah, Katharine.

"Fed up with Cupcake the cat, Walter the dog leaves his ferry-boat home. Unwanted and unfamiliar with his island surroundings, Walter relies on none other than Cupcake to guide him home"-- Provided by publisher.

Three lost seeds : stories of becoming —Morton, Stephie, author.

"Each of the three seeds in this story--a cherry seed in the MIddle East, an acacia seed in Australia, and a lotus seed in Asia--survives a difficult journey through flood, fire, or drought, then sprouts (in the case of ...

Always my grandpa : a story for children about Alzheimer's disease —Scacco, Linda, author.

During a summer at his grandfather's house, young Daniel, with his mother's help, begins to understand Alzheimer's disease and how it affects not only Grandpa, but the entire family, as well.

Bluecrowne —Milford, Kate author.

Lucy Bluecrowne is beginning a new life ashore with her stepmother and half brother, though she's certain the only place she'll ever belong is with her father on a ship of war as part of the crew. She doesn't care that l...

Joya's first tree bath : forest bathing and mindfulness in nature —Neimark, Jill, author.

"Joya goes on a field trip and is introduced to forest bathing and practicing mindfulness in nature"-- Provided by publisher.