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45 Results
We're going on a ghost hunt —Vaughan, Marcia K.

When trick-or-treaters let their imaginations run wild, ordinary backyard items seem spooky, so that a mud puddle looks like a swamp and tree branches look like skeletons.

Oliver and Amanda's Halloween —Van Leeuwen, Jean.

Oliver and Amanda Pig's Halloween activities include making their costumes, getting a pumpkin for a jack-o'-lantern, and going trick-or-treating.

Amanda Pig and the wiggly tooth —Van Leeuwen, Jean.

Amanda Pig has her first ever wiggly tooth and she can not wait for the Tooth Fairy to come. But her loose tooth will not fall out. Father offers to pull it out for her, but Amanda thinks that might hurt too much. Instea...

Oliver and Amanda's Christmas —Van Leeuwen, Jean.

After joining his sister in wrapping presents, baking cookies, and picking a Christmas tree, Oliver tries to find a stocking big enough to hold the twenty-two toys he requested from Santa.

Amanda pig and the awful, scary monster —Van Leeuwen, Jean.

Amanda the pig sees monsters at night, but her parents and her brother find different ways to convince her that there are no monsters.

Oliver, Amanda, and Grandmother Pig —Van Leeuwen, Jean.

When Grandmother Pig comes for a visit, Oliver and Amanda learn just how much fun it is to have a grandmother in the house.

Oliver the Mighty Pig —Van Leeuwen, Jean.

Oliver feels like the superhero Mighty Pig when he wears his Mighty Pig cape, but he finds that being a superhero in the real world has some complications.

Christmas secrets —Schweninger, Ann.

The Rabbit children's Christmas preparations include building a mystery snowman, writing letters to Santa, and baking Christmas cookies.

Oliver and Amanda and the big snow —Van Leeuwen, Jean.

Four stories about Amanda and Oliver Pig and their parents, who go outside to play after a big snowstorm.

Valentine friends —Schweninger, Ann.

The Rabbit family's Valentine's Day party is filled with fun and surprises for everyone, including some special surprise valentines that show two best friends just how special Valentine's Day can be.

Amanda Pig and her best friend Lollipop —Van Leeuwen, Jean.

Amanda Pig and her friend Lollipop share fun times at each other's houses and experience their very first sleepover party.

Halloween surprises —Schweninger, Ann.

After the Rabbit children have celebrated Halloween by making costumes, carving jack-o'-lanterns, and going trick-or-treating, their parents have one more surprise in store for them.

Wintertime —Schweninger, Ann.

A dog family explores the changes that happen in nature during the winter.

Amanda Pig and the really hot day —Van Leeuwen, Jean.

Amanda Pig and her family and friends try to find different ways to beat the heat.

Amanda Pig, first grader —Van Leeuwen, Jean.

Amanda is very excited about starting first grade, and although everything is not exactly as she expected, she soon begins learning to read and finding her way.

Amanda Pig and her big brother Oliver —Van Leeuwen, Jean.

Presents five stories about telling secrets, playing alone, and other activities in the lives of Oliver and Amanda who are sometimes known as Mighty Pig and Amazing Baby Pig.

Oliver and Albert, friends forever —Van Leeuwen, Jean.

Oliver makes friends with Albert, the new boy in class, and they have fun together, playing kickball and collecting bugs.

More tales of Amanda Pig —Van Leeuwen, Jean.

Five more adventures of Amanda Pig and her family, in which noisy cousins come to visit and Father gets a stuffed toy for his birthday.

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