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134 Results
A place called Kindergarten —Harper, Jessica.

Wondering why their friend Tommy has not come to the barn at his usual time, the animals become alarmed when the dog tells them that he has gone to a place called "Kindergarten."

How many seeds in a pumpkin? —McNamara, Margaret, author.

Charlie, the smallest child in his first grade class, is amazed to discover that of the three pumpkins his teacher brings to school, the tiniest one has the most seeds.

The little library —McNamara, Margaret, author.

Jake, a reluctant reader, becomes a book lover when the new librarian finds Jake a book about woodworking.

I like bugs —Brown, Margaret Wise, 1910-1952.

In brief rhyming text, lists all the types of insects the narrator likes.

The dinosaur expert —McNamara, Margaret, author.

Future scientist Kimmy eagerly shares information about dinosaurs during a school field trip until classmate Jake tells her "girls aren't scientists," but Mr. Tiffin sets her straight.

Lemonade in winter : a book about two kids counting money —Jenkins, Emily, 1967-

Pauline and her brother John-John set up a stand to sell lemonade, limeade, and lemon-limeade one cold, wintry day, then try to attract customers as Pauline adds up their earnings.

Surprise soup —Rodman, Mary Ann.

When Kevie's mother has a baby, Kevie, his older brother, and their father make soup for when the new baby comes home.

Anywhere farm —Root, Phyllis, author.

You might think a farm means fields, tractors, and a barnyard full of animals. But you can plant a farm anywhere you like! A box or a bucket, a boot or a pan - almost anything can be turned into a home for green, growing...

Tap tap boom boom —Bluemle, Elizabeth, author.

It's a mad dash for shelter as rain sweeps into an urban neighborhood. Where to go? The subway! It's the perfect place to wait out the wind and weather. Strangers share smiles and umbrellas and take delight in the experi...

The apple orchard riddle —McNamara, Margaret.

When students in Mr. Tiffin's class are invited to solve a riddle during a field trip to an apple orchard, it is Tara's daydreams that may lead to the answer.

Incredible me! —Appelt, Kathi, 1954-

A girl celebrates her own individuality, from her freckles to her wiggles.

Ivan : the remarkable true story of the shopping mall gorilla —Applegate, Katherine, author.

"The true story of Ivan, known as the Shopping Mall Gorilla, who lived alone in a small cage for almost 30 years before being relocated to the gorilla habitat at ZooAtlanta."--Provided by publisher.

A hat for Mrs. Goldman : a story about knitting and love —Edwards, Michelle, author.

Sophia knits a special hat for her elderly neighbor and knitting teacher, Mrs. Goldman.

Tippy-tippy-tippy, splash! —Fleming, Candace.

Fed up with the constant presence of rabbits in his house and yard, Mr. McGreely goes to the beach for some fun but the pesky pufftails will not give him a break.

On the farm, at the market —Karas, G. Brian, author, illustrator.

"On the farm, workers pick vegetables, collect eggs, and make cheese. At the market the next day, the workers set up their stands and prepare for shoppers to arrive. Amy, the baker at the Busy Bee Café, has a very speci...

Clever Jack takes the cake —Fleming, Candace.

A poor boy named Jack struggles to deliver a birthday present worthy of the princess.

Ten little mummies : an Egyptian counting book —Yates, Philip, 1956-

Ten little mummies become bored with staying in a room together all day but when they go outside to play they disappear, one by one.

Ivan: a gorilla's true story —Applegate, Katherine.

The real-life inspiration for The One and Only Ivan. A gorilla captured as a baby, Ivan was brought to a Tacoma, Washington mall to attract shoppers. Gradually, public pressure built until a better way of life for Ivan w...

Missing mittens —Murphy, Stuart J., 1942-

As a farmer tries to find the correct number of mittens for his various farmyard animals, the reader is introduced to odd and even numbers.

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