5 Results
5 Results
Shaking things up : 14 young women who changed the world —Hood, Susan, 1954- author.

This poetic and visual picture book celebrates persistent women throughout history.

Goldfish ghost —Snicket, Lemony, author.

The adventures of a goldfish who just died.

Mummy Cat —Ewert, Marcus.

"Mummy Cat prowls his pyramid home, longing for his beloved owner. As he roams the tomb, lavish murals above his head display scenes of the cat with his young Egyptian queen. Hidden hieroglyphs deepen the tale and are ex...

Emily's blue period —Daly, Cathleen.

After her parents get divorced, Emily finds comfort in making and learning about art.

The two Mutch sisters —Brendler, Carol, author.

Ruby and Violet Mutch, a matched pair, have always collected things in pairs, but when their house will no longer hold everything, Ruby packs her things and moves out.