4 Results
4 Results
Tales of the great beasts —Mull, Brandon, 1974- author.

Follows the adventures of four noble animals who sacrifice everything to protect their homes from a mad king in the world of Erdas.

Tales of the fallen beasts —Mull, Brandon, 1974- author.

"All across the world, legends are appearing. Great Beasts -- once the most powerful beings in Erdas -- are being summoned as spirit animals. Bonded to special kids, they unite the human and animal worlds. But a mysterio...

Josh Baxter levels up —Brown, Gavin, 1983- author.

Because his family has moved again, Josh Baxter is starting at a new school for the third time in two years, and this time he has really started off on the wrong foot--but when his mother takes away the video games that ...

Monster club : hunters for hire —Brown, Gavin, 1983- author.

Seventh-graders Tommy, Spike, and Karim register with an online application to become monster hunters and find themselves caught up in a conspiracy and with more monsters than they expected.