Your blue is not my blue : a missing person memoir

Published 2020
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"Aspen's and Justin's paths serendipitously aligned on the Pacific Crest Trail when both were walking from Mexico to Canada, separately and alone--both using thru-hiking in hopes of escaping their pasts. Both sought to redefine themselves beneath the stars. By the time they made it to the snowy Cascade Range of British Columbia--the trail's end--Aspen and Justin were in love. Embarking on a new pilgrimage the next summer, they returned to those same mossy mountains where they'd met, and they married. They built a world together, three years of a happy marriage. Until a cold November morning, when, after kissing Aspen goodbye, Justin left to attend the funeral of a close friend. He never came back. As days became weeks, her husband's inexplicable absence left Aspen unmoored. Shock, grief, fear, and anger battled for control--but nothing prepared her for the disarming truth. A revelation that would lead Aspen to reassess not only her own life but that of the disappeared as well. The result is a brave and inspiring memoir of secrets kept and unearthed, of a vanishing that became a gift: a woman's empowering reclamation of unmitigated purpose in the surreal wake of mystifying loss."--Amazon.

First edition.
xi, 293 pages ; 21 cm
Author's note
Part I: Ashes. Man in the woods
Trail magic
Basecamp Berkeley
First movement
Turquoise Walls, New York
A thousand miles to tell the truth
A hiker's guide to healing
Dark pearl
Impossible valentine
Girl in the woods
Breeding ground for sharks
A long and silent prayer
Vortex. Part II: Absence. Road trip
Blackout January
Future sadness
A line of small black dots
Hidden cracks
Without glass and wire
City of angels
City that never sleeps. Part III: Awakening. Impossible prescription
A team of our own
Vanishing acts
A mother's perspective
The nature of happiness
Oakland to Denver
The heart's pistil
Water under the bridge
Search and rescue. Acknowlegements
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