Peter Watts is an angry, sentient tumor : revenge fantasies and essays
—Watts, Peter, 1958- author.
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"With over fifty unpredictable, scathing, hilarious, and more-than-occasionally moving essays about science, politics, family, pop culture, religion and more, Peter Watts--Hugo Award-winning author, former marine biologist, and "angry sentient tumor" (via Annalee Newitz, author of Autonomous)--shows why he is the savage dystopian optimist whom you can't look away from ... even when you probably should."

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Canadian essays.
Watts, Peter, 1958-
First edition.
318 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
In love with the moment. Scared shitless of the future
Everything I needed to know about Christmas I learned from my grandmother
We need to talk about Kevin
And so it begins
Dress rehearsal
Extraordinary claims
Why I suck
The black knight. In memoriam
Viva Zika!
Zounds, gadzooks, and fucking Sisyphus
Actually, you can keep a good man down
Shooting back
HemiHive, in hiding
The dudette with the clitoris, and other thoughts on Star Trek Beyond
The life sausage
No brainer
The yogurt revolution
A ray of sunshine
The least unlucky bastard
No pictures. Only words.
Prometheus: the men behind the mask
Motherhood issues
The halting problem
Chamber of horrors
The best-case apocalypse
Nazis and skin cream
Ass backwards
And another thing (The Thing, 2011)
Oprah's X-men: thoughts on Logan
Cambridge analytica and the other turning test
Life in the FAST lane
Smashing the lid off Pandora's box
The split-brain universe
The limits of reason
Changing our minds "Story of your life" in pring and on screen
The God-shaped hole
Dumb adult
In praise of war crimes
The last of us, the weakest link
Martin Luther King and the vampire rights league
Black & white
Gods and gamma
"PyrE. Make them tell you what it is."
Understanding Sarah Palin: or, God is in the wattles
The overweening overentitlement of the happy-enders
The Cylon solution
The physics of hope
A renaissance of analog antiquity
Pearls before cows: thought on B;ade Runner 2049
Lizards in the sink with David.
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