Let's never talk about this again : a memoir

Published 2020
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"Sara was at the tender age of 12 when she found the skeleton in her prudish parents' closet: a series of novelty sex books crammed high up on a shelf in her childhood living room, all written by Sara's ordinary suburban dad, Ira. For decades the books were an unspoken secret in Sara's family until Ira developed early onset Alzheimer's disease ... and announced he'd be reviving his novelty porn career. With Sara's help. In this cringe-worthy, unique, moving memoir--based on her New York Times piece--Sara shares the profound loss of the father she knew and loved as she attempts desperately to welcome the pervy neurological stranger who has taken his place. As heartwarming as it is heartbreaking, Let's Never Talk About This Again is a must-read confessional from a woman who spent years trying to find humor in the perverse and optimism in the darkness, and succeeded"-- Provided by publisher.

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