Kid activists : true tales of childhood from champions of change

Published 2019
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"Across history, activists have worked, marched, and spoken out for equality and justice--and many had moving, relatable childhood stories. Martin Luther King Jr. argued with his dad about whether dancing was a sin. Harvey Milk had a passion for opera. Dolores Huerta was wrongly accused of plagiarizing. Kid activists tells these stories and more through engaging biographies and full-color illustrations on nearly every page. Learn about Susan B. Anthony, James Baldwin, Ruby Bridges, Frederick Douglass, Alexander Hamilton, Nelson Mandela, Iqbal Masih, Janet Mock, Rosa Parks, Autumn Peltier, Emma Watson, and Malala Yousafzai"--Back cover.

223 pages : colour illustrations ; 22 cm
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True tales of childhood from champions of change
Includes bibliographical references (pages 214-218) and index.
Part 1: Leading the way. Frederick Douglass: a determination to be free
Susan B. Anthony: failure is impossible
Harvey Milk: coming out for equality
Dolores Huerta: sí, se puede!
Part 2: Taking a stand. Rosa Parks: taking a stand by taking a seat
Martin Luther King Jr.: big words, big changes
James Baldwin: writing as activism
Nelson Mandela: father of a nation
Part 3: Unusual childhoods, powerful voices. Emma Watson: from Hogwarts to the United Nations
Janet Mock: speaking her truth
Helen Keller: the mystery of language
Alexander Hamilton: an unlikely beginning
Part 4: Child activists. Ruby Bridges: brave little Ruby
Iqbal Masih: fighting to end child slavery
Malala Yousafzai: the girl who fought for education
Autumn Peltier: water protector.
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