100 poems : old and new

Published 2013
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"Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936), winner of the 1907 Nobel Prize for Literature and author of one of the most popular poems in the English language, 'If-', has long captured the interest of poetry lovers. Here, Thomas Pinney brings together a selection of well-established favourites and the best of the previously uncollected and unpublished poems from The Cambridge Edition of the Poems of Rudyard Kipling (2013). The poems, whether exploring the colonial experience, exposing the injustice of war, or appreciating the beauties of nature, resonate with Kipling's keen observations of his world and strong sense of poetic rhythm. Discovered by Pinney in an array of unlikely hiding places, the uncollected and unpublished poems show the diversity and development of Kipling's talent over his lifetime, and, when combined with long-held favourites, offer readers a unique opportunity to experience Kipling's mastery of poetry in a new way."--Publisher description.

xii, 187 pages ; 22 cm
Other Title:
One hundred poems old and new
"The idea of this selection from Rudyard Kipling's many poems is to contrast the familiar with the unfamiliar: the list includes 26 of the first kind, and 74 of the second. Any collection will have those first 26; no other collection will have all 74 of the other kind ... they have rested, unvisited, in inaccessible Indian newspapers, in manuscript, in the files of long-dead magazines."--Preface.
Includes bibliographical references (pages 175-179) and indexes.
How it seemed to us
A voyage
A morning ride
The dedication
With a locket
"The wop of Asia
that lordly beast"
The story of Tommy
The descent of the Punkah
"As one who throws earth's gold away in scorn"
The compliments of the season
Distress in the Himalayas
Cupid's department
"Further information"
New Year resolutions
Concerning a Jawáb
"Au revoir"
The witching of Teddy O'Neal
Itu and his God
"Liveravi animam meam"
"A coming May"
The letter of Halim the potter to Yusuf
To these people
The love song of Har Dyal
The Irish conspiracy
"A burning sun in cloudless skies"
The peach
The watermelon
"At the back of Knightsbridge Barricks"
Danny Deever
Laudatores actoris empti
Gunga din
"My new-cut ashlar"
The Turkey and the algebra
"Forgive us the slap and the pinch, dear Lord"
"It was a ship of the P&O"
"In the hush of an April dawning, when the streets were velvety still"
"The Lord shall change the hearts of men"
"To the land of little children where babies rule the day"
"To the dancers"
"You may talk o' your music the sweetest o' tunes"
"The stumbling-block of Western lore"
In the Neolithic age
"In the microscopical hinterland of a cramped sub-continent"
Lines to a superior young lady on the occasion of her first manifesting a will of her own
The law of the jungle
Morning song in the jungle
"You can work it out by fractions or by simple rule of three"
"Hello, Brander! Lemme look"
"In August was the jackal born"
The situation
"Zogbaum draws with a pencil"
"When 'Omer Smote' is bloomin' lyre"
The king
The white man's burden
The press
"Ashes of fire at even"
Merrow down
"Oo is it mashes the country nurse?"
"I have known shadow"
The silent army
South Africa
The Haldane in Germany
"Cities and thrones and powers"
Harp song of the Dane women
A song to Mithras
The coin speaks
The baths of Biddlestone
The ballad of the Telemark
The way through the woods
The female of the species
"This is the prayer the cave man prayed"
To a librarian
Jobson's Amen
"He that died o' Wednesday"
"My boy Jack"
Sons of the suburbs
"To all our people now on land"
The gods of the copybook headings
"Some to women, some to wine"
London stone
The survival
"Ah, would swift ships had never been about the seas to rove!
"Oh belted sons of treason"
The burden of Jerusalem
"There's a gentleman of France
better met by choice than chance"
"This is the doom of the makers
their Daemon lives in their pen"
"They pass
they pass
and all"
"You have lied to the dead beneath"
"Naughty Lydia with a kiss"
"'Tis cold! heap on the logs
and let's get tight!"
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