BARENAKED LADIES / BT / COLLECTIVE SOUL / CONJURE ONE / CRYSTAL METHOD: Charmed - The Final Chapter (Original TV Soundtrack)
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B. T. Composer
Baertsoen, Kyoko Composer
Barnes, Ted Composer
Berlin, Elizabeth Composer
Braun, Richard Composer
Buynak, John Composer
Donovan, James Composer
Glabicki, Michael Composer
Hewerdine, Boo Composer
Imbruglia, Natalie Composer
Jordan, Kenneth Composer
Kirkland, Scott Composer
Kreviazuk, Chantal Composer
Litt, Scott Composer
McGowan, Rose Composer
McLachlan, Sarah Composer
Morello, Thomas Composer
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Norman, Patrick Composer
Nowels, Rick Composer
Orton, Beth Composer
Page, Steven Composer
Phair, Liz Composer
Read, Sean Philip Composer
Robertson, Ed Composer
Roland, Ed Composer
Steinberg, Billy Composer
Wertz, Jenn Composer
Wilder, Matthew Composer
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Phair, Liz, Artist -- Barenaked Ladies, Ensemble -- Collective Soul, Ensemble -- McLachlan, Sarah, Artist -- Kreviazuk, Chantal, Artist -- Conjure One, Ensemble -- BT, Artist -- Rusted Root, Ensemble -- Imbruglia, Natalie, Artist -- Orton, Beth, Artist -- Reader, Eddi, Artist -- Crystal Method, The, Ensemble -- Steinberg, Billy, Composer -- Nowels, Rick, Composer -- Baertsoen, Kyoko, Composer -- Robertson, Ed, Composer -- Page, Steven, Composer -- McGowan, Rose, Composer -- Litt, Scott, Composer -- Roland, Ed, Composer -- Donovan, James, Composer -- Berlin, Elizabeth, Composer -- Buynak, John, Composer -- Glabicki, Michael, Composer -- Norman, Patrick, Composer -- Wertz, Jenn, Composer -- Wilder, Matthew, Composer -- Braun, Richard, Composer -- Barnes, Ted, Composer -- Read, Sean Philip, Composer -- Hewerdine, Boo, Composer -- Jordan, Kenneth, Composer -- Kirkland, Scott, Composer -- Morello, Thomas, Composer
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Baby Got Going (02 min. 02 sec.) / Phair
Pinch Me (04 min. 45 sec.) / Robertson
Needs (05 min. 18 sec.) / Roland
Good Enough (05 min. 01 sec.) / McLachlan
Weight Of The World (03 min. 32 sec.) / Kreviazuk
Tears from the Moon (04 min. 18 sec.) / Steinberg
Superfabulous (03 min. 27 sec.)
Weave (03 min. 59 sec.) / Donovan
Goodbye (04 min. 58 sec.) / Wilder
Stolen Car (05 min. 25 sec.) / Braun
Bell, Book and Candle (04 min. 11 sec.) / Hewerdine
Name Of The Game (03 min. 34 sec.) / Jordan
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