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Book Vases TA

Category: General

Code Mobile HTML/CSS Workshop TA

Category: General

From YouTube to Wikipedia, the websites we use every day all have one thing in common - HTML & CSS! HTML and CSS are the backbone of all websites, and knowledge of them is needed if you are interested in things like web development or blogging!
In Code Mobile’s workshop, participants are walked through a tutorial on how to make their very own website, which they can customise and ʺpublishʺ.
This is done with the coding platform Glitch or Atom.
We will learn how to add text, images, and style to our websites, and the free tools we use means participants can keep coding after they leave! 

For ages 12+ and adults. Registration is required.

Edison Robots KT

Category: General

Book a session to explore & play with Edison Robots.
The session is self-led after some brief instructions.
Bring a friend and face-off in a robot Sumo match.

Limit of 6 people per session. Ages 11+, Registration Required

String Art KTA

Category: Summer Reading Program

Choose one of our templates to create your own simple string art project. Bring your own hammer and towel from home and we will supply the rest.
For ages 10+, Registration Required