Fun and Games 2021

Fun and Games Badge

Enjoy some friendly competition and laughter while completing these game themed activities!

Complete at least 2 activities to earn this virtual badge and a ticket into the grand prize draws.

  • Play a classic board game like cribbage, checkers, chess, Connect 4, Candyland, Yahtzee, Scrabble or Monopoly.

  • Play against your friends or family with an online gaming app or video game you love. See who is the champion of the day!

  • Create a new game, either a board game or sport activity. Try it out with your friends or family and see how it goes. Not sure where to start? Click on the link below to get some inspiration.
    Create Your Own Board Game

  • Hey kids, are you looking for some fun online games to try. Play one (or more) of these games from CBC Kids and let us know what game is your favourite.
    CBC Kids Games

  • Enjoy an outdoor game, such as Spikeball, Bocce, frisbee or lawn darts. You can also play an outdoor sport like basketball, baseball, soccer or golf.

  • Play your favourite video game and see if you can beat your best time or high score!

  • Try a game you can play on your own such as solitaire, Rubik cube or other brainteaser, sudoku or a jigsaw puzzle.


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Click on a badge to view the challenges or Return to the Challenge Home Page.  Track them on Beanstack or print out a paper tracker. Be sure to complete your challenges by September 5th to be entered to win!