Fun at the Movies 2021

Fun at the Movies Badge

Movie lovers will have a great time completing these movie themed activities. 

Complete at least 2 activities to earn this virtual badge and a ticket into the grand prize draws.

  • Watch a movie that is also a book.  Find our It's a Book and a Movie booklist for Adults, Teens, and Kids on our Library at Home pages.

  • Plan a family movie night starring your family and watch some of the videos you have of family vacations and events from years past.

  • Be a movie maker! Create your own stop motion movie using a free app like Zing StikBot Studio, iMotion or the free version of Stop Motion Studio. Use toys such as Lego for the characters and scenes for your movie, or you can use clay, playdough and other craft supplies to create your own characters.

  • Watch a movie that is set mainly in the summer, takes place mostly outdoors or has many animals in it. 

  • Have a family movie night at home with snacks for everyone!

  • Write a movie review for a movie you have watched recently or draw a picture of your favourite scene in a movie.

  • Do you know how movies started? Who invented the first motion picture? Watch this short video to find out more.
    History of Movies for Kids

  • Go to your local library and borrow a Blu-ray or DVD to enjoy a new movie or a movie you would love to see again

  • Watch a Canadian movie. Here is a list of Canadian family-friendly movies recommended for National Canadian Film Day in 2021. You can also find other 2021 adult recommendations on the National Canadian Film Day website under "Spotlight Films"
    National Canadian Film Day Recommendations


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