Fun in the Kitchen

Fun in the Kitchen Badge

Get creative with food this summer! 

Complete at least 2 activities to earn this virtual badge and a ticket into the grand prize draws.

  • Try a recipe from another country. Not sure what to try? Find A to Z World Food on our website to explore recipes from around the world. You will need your library card and PIN to login to A to Z World Food. 
    A to Z World Food

  • Have a "Silly Supper" with your family at home. What is a "Silly Supper"? See our instructions below for this fun family meal idea!
    How to Have a Silly Supper

  • Pack a picnic and enjoy a meal outside in the sunshine.

  • Cook something over a campfire or fire pit. S'mores count!! 

  • Have an ice cream sundae or ice cream sandwich making night at home. See what kinds of flavour combinations you can come up with to try!

  • Make a meal that has at least 1 ingredient you grew in your garden or bought at a local farmer's market.

  • Cook a meal with someone else! Choose someone in your household or connect virtually to cook with a friend or family member who is far away.

  • Hold a Best Burger or Best Sandwich competition at home. Everyone in your household gets to create their own burger or sandwich with creative toppings and combinations. Have someone at home be the judge to choose the winner or try a little of each creation to share in the fun!

  • Check out a cookbook from the library and try a new recipe for a meal or snack. Looking for inspiration? Find recommendations for Adults, Teens, and Kids on our Library at Home pages.


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