National Indigenous Peoples Day - June 21

National Indigenous Peoples Day 2020

Celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day

Wheatland Regional Library acknowledges that our branches and headquarters are on both Treaty 4 and Treaty 6 territory, and the traditional homeland of the Métis people.  We invite everyone to celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day throughout the month by exploring some of the resources and activities below!

Government of Canada Learning and Activity Guide activity guide cover

This activity guide is filled with information and activity to help you and your family celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day! We've highlighted some activities to get you started!

Bracelet Braiding - Indigenous peoples use weaving to make many great things, including the traditional Métis sash.  You will need 4 strands of embroidery thread in different colours, each strand about 1 metre long.

Cruncher Game - download and colour this printable cruncher filled with facts about Indigenous People in Canada.

The Great Festival of Light Story - A great story to share about National Indigenous Peoples Day!


Fry Bread Bannock

Looking for something more delicious? Explore the #FryBreadFriday video series on Facebook to find 4 different recipes.  Let us know which one you tried on Facebook!



Looking for more to read?  Explore a long list of titles by Indigenous Authors on the #IndigenousReads website.  

We've put together a list of titles from Library2Go for you as well.

To access the library2go page for these titles, click on the title and then choose "Access Content".