Finding Legal Information

A Special Note during Covid-19:

For the latest information on legislative and other measures adopted to protect Canadians in response to the pandemic please see the Government of Canada's Justice Department website.  

Wheatland Regional Library is a member of the Saskatchewan Access to Legal Information (or SALI) program. Our branch staff are ready to help you find and access legal information.  

You can use the links below to connect with information from our partners and find information for your legal questions!

Legal information for everyone.
Find legal information for newcomers to Canada.
Legal information for families and family law court.
A searchable list of Saskatchewan lawyers.

Note: Branch staff are not  legal professionals. Staff can only direct you to legal information and cannot provide legal advice or interpret information.

More Resources to Explore

Representing Yourself - This comprehensive list contains information on representing yourself in Saskatchewan on matters ranging from Adult Guardianship to Workers Compensation Board. 


To learn more about the Saskatchewan Access to Information Project, visit the SALI website.

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